Upcoming Local Events

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AGA Hawaii Tentative Summary Activities & Deadlines 2009-2010


1 August CEC/Committee Chair Meeting
12 August Membership Meeting
31 August Newsletter

18 September Workshop UH

14-16 October Government Professional Development Conference

24 October CEC Meeting

14 November Newsletter

9 December Holiday Membership Meeting


10 January Membership Meeting (taxes)
23 January CEC/Committee Chair Mid-year Status Meeting
29 January Newsletter

10 February Membership Meeting

26 March Newsletter

24 April CEC Meeting

10 May Membership Meeting
21 May Newsletter

10 June Awards Banquet
19 June CEC Year-end Meeting

Note: Dates for Membership Meetings are tentative because they will ultimately be dependent on the availability of speakers and locations. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend some of these events!! --Tom Stanton