National AGA Awards Received by Hawaii Chapter

2014-2015 Platinum Chapter Award: Edwin Young, President

2014-2015 Chapter Website Honorable Mention: Ryoko Lung and Bowha Kang, Website Committee Chairs

2013-2014 Platinum Chapter Award: Dallas Weyand II, President

2013-2014 Citizen Centric National Challenge - National Winner: Ryoko Lung, Website Committee Chair, and Shena Bocalbos, Newsletter Committee Chair

2013-2014: Chapter Citizen Centric Award - Certificate of Excellence

2012-2013 Silver Chapter Award: Ross Okumura, President

2011-2012 Gold Chapter Award: Pat Oki, President

2011-2012 Education Award: Pat Oki, President, and Education Chair

2011-2012 Membership Growth Award: Warren Lum, Chair, Membership Committee

2010-2011 Gold Chapter Award: Cindy Yee, President

2009-2010 Chapter Website Award: Arnold Kishi, Webmaster

2005-2006 Platinum Chapter Award: Arnold Kishi, President

2004-2005 Bronze Chapter Award: Julie Thomas Chun, President