Chapter Executive Committee (CEC) 2015 - 2016



Email Address

President Pamela Young, CGFM [email protected]
Secretary and Student Relations Co-Chair Robert Hatanaka [email protected]
Treasurer Sean Nakamura [email protected]
Immediate Past President Edwin Young, CGFM [email protected]
Director and Media Co-Chair Mark Chandler [email protected]
Director Ralph Kanetoku, CGFM [email protected]
Director, Social Media Co-Chair and Student Relations Co-Chair Bowha Kang [email protected]
Director and Luncheon Programs Co-Chair Wei Lum [email protected]
Director and Membership Co-Chair Donn Nakamura [email protected]
Director and Community Service Co-Chair Ross Okumura [email protected]
Director and Networking/Aloha Event Chair Valerie Shintaku [email protected]
Director and Media Co-Chair Amy Surratt Amy_Surratt/IA/[email protected]
Director and Community Service Co-Chair Dwayne Takeno [email protected]
Director and Bylaws & Policies Chair Cindy Yee [email protected]
Director and Seminar Chair Kerry Yoneshige [email protected]
Newsletter Co-Chair Shena Bocalbos [email protected]
Luncheon Programs Co-Chair Raelynn Gaspar-Asaoka [email protected]
Citizen Centric Report Co-Chair Krystle Hara [email protected]
Chapter History Chair, Citizen Centric Report Co-Chair and Website Co-Chair Ryoko Lung [email protected]
Newsletter Co-Chair Debra Mott [email protected]
Social Media Co-Chair and Website Co-Chair Sherilyn Sakamoto [email protected]
Luncheon Programs Co-Chair Mabel Yeung [email protected]