2006 GTC Conference Presentations
November 13, 2006

  • Integrating Technology and Financial Management (A)
  • eGovernment: A State Perspective (Ba) (Bb)
  • XBRL - The Next Step in Data Management (C1)
  • Accelerating DoD’s Business Transformation: The Perfect Time to Create a DoD Standard Business Operations Environment! (C2)
  • Major Developments in the US Public and Private Sector - The SEC is now playing a larger role in XBRL and the AICPA is becoming less involved (D)
  • Identity Theft: You Are Not As Safe As You Think (E)
  • Cyber Security-Technologies for First Responders (F)
  • DFAS - Helping with the Next Steps (G)

November 14, 2006

  • Financial Systems: The State of Union (H)
  • Internal Controls: Key to Successful Implementation of Financial Systems (I)
  • City of Honolulu – Financial System Implementation (J)
  • Process Based Accounting: Technology is the Key Enabler (Ka) (Kb)
  • The Future Technology – Wireless Honolulu (L)
  • Dangers in the Digital Dimension (M)
  • Summarizing OMB’s Financial Management Initiatives-There’re Lots of Them (N1)
  • Operationalizing the DoD Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA): Implications and Challenges (or …WIIFM?) …(N2a) (N2b)